This is the title of the first single from the new album "Continente 27" by Chico Pérez, with the collaboration of the artist Sandra Carrasco released on September 3, 2021.

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Callejón del Agua

The second single from the new album "Continente 27" by Chico Pérez, with the collaboration of the artist Manuel Lombo who  premieres on October 1, 2021.

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Composed of 9 original songs and produced together with his brother Luis Víctor Pérez, about twenty musicians have participated in its recording, giving this album a universal sound.


It has been recorded at the BomTrack studios in Úbeda, Córdoba Sur and Estudio Hanare in Córdoba.

Both the mixing and the master have been made by Eduardo Ruiz Joya.

The album will be released in November, although in September and October 3 singles will be presented with their respective video clips.

It will feature the collaborations of different renowned artists such as Manuel Lombo, Sandra Carrasco, Arcángel, Rosario "La Tremendita" and the harmonica by Antonio Serrano.

It will be available on all digital platforms.

Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign and the sponsorship and support of Fundación Nadine, Chico Pérez has raised the financing of his album.

The process of recording the album has lasted 6 months and without a doubt "Continente 27" will be a giant step in a career that does not stop growing.

Music must convey feelings and emotions to the person who listens to it, and that is the main objective, that the public enjoy, feel and travel through the swirl of emotions that are proposed throughout the album.

Next releases 2021

  • On September 3 the first single entitled "Leleré" is released .

  • On September 10, the  video clip  of Leleré .

  • On October 1, the second single entitled "Callejón del Agua" is released .

  • On October 8, the video clip for Callejón del Agua is published.  

  • On November 5 the third single entitled "Cambio de Rumbo" is released .

  • On November 12, the album CONTINENTE 27 is released .